Dear Fellow AACC Students,

25 Aug

No, I am not a teacher at Anne Arundel Community College. Yes, I realize I am WAY older than you…but I am here to learn. Also, 29 is NOT old! Please stop asking me where your classroom is because I am just as lost, probably even more so than you. No, I cannot help you with your homework unless you need a paper proofread. This particularly applies to math. The best I can do with math is calculate a tip using the app on my phone.

While I am at it, you seriously amaze me. I love how you “youngens” embrace life and express yourself. You’re still so optimistic, it is fabulous to see. On another note, it is completely inappropriate to take your shoes off in class or to ask a professor to call you a ridiculous nickname.

Anyway folks, happy learning.


P.S. I started a new blog for one of my classes called News and Bologna. Feel free to take a gander 🙂


One Response to “Dear Fellow AACC Students,”


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