Dear finger toe shoe wearing guy in line for food in front of me,

16 Oct

Eeew. I don’t know why, but something about those shoes seems inherently wrong to be wearing in a cafeteria. I feel like I know too much about the shape of your toes and it is causing my OCD to flare up. It reminds me of monkey feet near my food. I want to step on them and I can’t stop staring because you are wiggling your toes.

It isn’t that I don’t think the shoes are cool, but I feel they belong in a gym or exercising somewhere…and possibly have germs from the aforementioned places. Which brings me to my next point; why are you wearing those in the cafeteria of a Government agency?

You make no sense and I don’t want my nachos,



See- no telling what these things could bring into a cafe. They are sinister.


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