Dear Banana Man,

7 Oct

I saw you a few weeks ago and you have since baffled my mind. As I exited the bus that day, I was carrying an overflowing leather paperwork filer, my stuffed purse, my lunch bag, my coffee, and a Nalgene bottle.  I struggled to keep hold of it all as I walked down the steps of the bus…. and then you graced me with your presence and caused an epiphany for me; you were carrying a banana. Only a banana. Your simplicity amazes and inspires me. How is it that in preparation for your day, you looked around, and all you needed was one piece of falic fruit?

I have since limited myself to one bag of “stuff” each day. I am also trying to take one un-used item from the bags I tote daily.  But, what if I needed to build  house on my lunch break?

Your intrigued admirer/Bag lady,



2 Responses to “Dear Banana Man,”

  1. workingtechmom December 29, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    This is inspiring. I need to know..did you ever see the same guy again and did he in fact still have only one object to carry?

    • dearlifeofmine December 31, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

      I haven’t seen him! I’ve tried taking the bus at the same time and everything. The building I work in is HUGE and houses thousands of workers. I will definitely do an update on him if I ever see him again. Is it sad that somewhere in my mind I secretly hope he is juggling items next time? Would I even recognize him? hmmmmm

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