Dear anyone who reads my first post (or any of the ones that follow),

3 Sep

So – the idea that I have had for these blogs…the ones that keep me up at night because I am so excited to write them…have consistently been funny. However, the one that motivated me to come here and actually START a blog, wasn’t so funny. I don’t think I’ll write that one tonight. Basically – I am a little tipsy. I had some Boordy’s vineyard Shiraz.  It is not too bad, but I still wish I would have shelled out the 25 bucks for the Landmark reserve. I think Ill go to the vineyard for my birthday. Anyway – that isn’t the point of this blog.  Here’s what is:  I always see people in passing that inspire me.  I would like to write them letters on here. I also have a strange family and life, and I have a lot of thoughts about it; however, I don’t always have the guts to voice my true opinion about every matter. SO – I figured, I can do that here. No judgment… no feelings hurt 🙂

A little about me is that I am a single mom. I work as a contractor for the Department of Defense.  My job is basically to write research papers. I deal with editors and stupid co-workers. I have a lame cubicle. I am about as “American woman” as you can get, without the chic outfit.  I love to write, so I love my job – but I often get stuffed into a box of style that I hate. This blog should be a nice departure from that.

My Daughter : She’s hilarious. She’s five. She’s spunky. She’s smart. She’s athletic. She’s beautiful. She is literally all I have in life and the only reason I ever do anything good. I know this sounds incredibly warped, but if something ever happened to her- I would definitely kill myself within a few minutes. I AM a Christan (and TRY to be a good one… and fail often…I’m sure you’ll see that if I actually keep up with this)… but I would take hell for eternity before I took life on earth without her. Maybe I can get through life without completely screwing her up. I doubt it.

How sad is that? That is basically all there is to know about me… I write reports, my daughter is awesome.  I suppose I am expecting the rest to come out within the blog. Anyway – I hope this blog does SOMETHING for you. I will surely love writing it.I am going to back log some stuff I have written in a regular journal (yeah – like a pen and paper) first.

Lastly though – all material seen here IS copyrighted. I do intend to publish a book one of these days. Although the ones in the works are mostly fiction, all fiction draws it’s inspiration from reality on some level. This will be my honest reality, and I will probably even include my book ideas at some point; mainly because I don’t anticipate having any avid readers. Anyway- DON’T USE MY SHYT, I’LL SUE YOUR ASS! Sorry Lord for my bad, bad words.


dearlifeofminewriter (Kelly)

Boordy’s website is :

P.s. All those tags are stuff I’ll probably end up writing about. I think.


4 Responses to “Dear anyone who reads my first post (or any of the ones that follow),”

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh December 3, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Hello Kelly! As the fellow proud owner of a “strange” life, welcome to the blogging club! Ya obviously got a great sense of humor… We will get along great! Have a great day!

    • dearlifeofmine December 3, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

      Thanks! You had me giggling at my desk! And a few of the serious ones hit home as well…
      now if I could just fingure out how to tag stuff…hrmmmmmmmmm

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh December 4, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    Just stick with it Kelly! Don’t worry about anything when you are first starting out but just writing out whatever is on your mind. Readers will soon follow. It is a slow road but before you know it, you will have a bunch of great friends on here, me happily included! See ya!

    • dearlifeofmine December 7, 2010 at 3:40 am #

      thanks 🙂 I think the ironic part of it is that I have a blog because I am scared of people sometimes…and I am excited about having people read my blog. The irony makes me need a nap…scary.

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